All photographs in this gallery are taken by well known creative,
David Hancock, Australia.


For the past 32 years, David has been the Creative Director of multi award-winning Video Production house, Hypervision. David has received over 25 National awards, including “highest honours nationally”.


David's artistic figure work has gathered enormous interest and a large following worldwide, with dozens of images heading overseas each week for international buyers and collectors. His unmistakable style, uses landscape textures 

to blend subtle nudes. Normally a little elusive, but rarely confronting for the viewer. (See Bodyscapes)


With a recent double nomination for the international Black & White spider awards, his artistic work is being quickly recognized and private collectors are buying up many of these original pieces. (See nominations One & Two)


Being a Visual  Director for  Tourism in Australia for the past 25+ years, has meant that David has a special flair for composition and identifying those unique shots.


Most of David’s photography focuses on the varying “moods”,  “Character” and “Experience” of an area, rather than that one big “hero” shot rarely seen by the visitor. An avid water lover, much of his material is filmed around water and small towns.   (See images)   (See prints)


“Everyone has their own perception of Australia and all I want is the opportunity to share my version with people who took the time to understand what it was I saw.” Incidental Australia!


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Congratulations to David for 3 nominations and an honourable mention at this years B&W Spider Awards

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