Finding Adult Affiliate Programs
for art nude photography web sites

How do we keep this Art Nude Photography site free?

How to fund an Art Nude photography exhibition!

Is there any money in Nude Photography?

How to make money from nude photographs?

Make Money from Adult Affiliate Programs

Can you make money from artistic nude photography?

Questions we all ask each week as photographers (Ann website owners)! How can I make money from selling artistic nude photographs or selling nude photographs on the internet?

This article is about helping to make money from you web site rather than selling your photographs. See this link for selling nudes.

Decent sales are almost a thing of the past online for nude art photography these days, especially with web sites like Flickr, 500px and Instagram (and so may porn sites) giving some of the finest nude photography in the world, away for free!

Even to find funding, sponsors or advertising places, on what may be construed as adult material by many (including Google) can be tough! Really tough!  It's a tough gig but we we have a few solutions!

Sure we sell a few photos in our Street Galleries, quite a few actually, but the costs for the actual photography, production, props, travel, models, make up and not to mention promotion! ...  can far outweigh any profitability. Selling nude photo art (or any art for that matter) in today's economic climate can be very difficult. The dollar is tight and the internet is free!

If you want lot's of web traffic, your exhibitions have to be free so that people can view and enjoy your work without having to spend money. It's the only way to get real traffic!

The problem is the line between fine art, porn, artistic nudes and girly pictures is very blurry when it comes to search phrases on the internet.

So how do we help fund this web site and exhibition?

Basically we sell advertising space on our web site.

We create traffic from our free exhibition guests and in return they have to walk past (click past) ads!  It's the trade off!

Not only to prospective exhibition visitors and buyers, but also to photographers and models. Ideally we try and advertise things that may be of use "like how to sell your photos", "where can models find work" and even other peoples "collections" of photos for sale! 

With adult affiliate partnership programs running advertising on our web site, the regular income allows us continue with the free exposure and to generate some money from our photography.

How much money can you make from adult affiliate programs?

That depends on how much traffic you can generate!

Sadly, companies like google are still a bit lost in the dark ages with deciding where the line between art and porn sits, so they have taken a conservative position and pretty much anything outside of a bikini, is not permissible in their "family friendly" Google Adsense Campaigns.

I don't know at what point, the human body was anything but natural, but there you go! The modern world!?

So if you are an artistic photographer, artist or web master and want to plug into some good affiliates, below is a list of a few companies we partner with. 

For Photographers.

Most of the major Stock Photo Web Sites will now take nude photographs for stock use, just make sure you have your model releases in order! Also watch our article on the on the TOP 10 STOCK PHOTOS websites that we update periodically! - A great site for photographers to sell their work and also download royalty free pictures and nudes - A good web site for photographers to sell their work and also download royalty free pictures and nudes

Affiliate Programs for Adult Traffic Websites 

THIS ONES OUR FAVORITE! Non offensive and pays well!
Totem Cash - Virtual Desk Top Strippers - A lot of fun & good to deal with!

Good earner and converts easily if you have any young adult male traffic!

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Given a LOT of our audience is younger males, it stands to reason they play video games!
This affiliate program is underwritten by one of You Tubes content richest producers and has a multilevel approach, but is very good value for everyone and your customers will be happy with this membership!

Digital Desire - Very High Quality and classy nude model site, but a little more hardcore!

There is no male influence or couples porn. Very stylised. Click banner to see their Adult affiliate program