Compose Yourself

An interesting "how to photograph nudes" with practical composition tips and ideas for Nude Photographers. Great for the 1st time nude photographers with a focus on composition and decorum! Nude E Book ready to download instantly!

No matter how long you have been in the game, any photographer or creative you spend time with, should be able to offer you at least one (if not several) new ways to look at your art. David Hancock has been a Creative Director for one of Australias largest Tourism Commisions for over 30 years, specialising in Creative Concept work, shot design and talent direction, so it stands to reason he perhaps brings a completely different view into the mix than many traditional photographers. 

Includes Introductory Video and E-Book. "Suitable for photographic models, photographers (amateur or artistic) or anyone looking at exploring nude photographic concept work"

Easy to read book on how to photograph nude models (or anyone) at both a practical and artistic compositional level. This is a refreshing standalone animated e-book for anyone interested in the world of artistic and nude model photography.


Full of stunning colour & monochrome pictures with lots of practical and common sense tips to help get you thinking and planning for your next photo shoot!


In a world of software manipulation programs, technical perfection and megapixel madness, have we forgotten the very essence of shooting creative photos? Surely story telling is the key and composition should reign supreme!


"Throw away the rule book, your expensive lights and the computer for a while, stop being the same as everyone else and get back to basics. We are all being trained the same way and chasing a perfection that is laced with software manufacturers ideals and protocols.


It seems that the software manufacturers what is a good or bad photo...

Can you imagine an artist being told not to paint with a stick!


Being a cameraman, editor and then producer, his skills in organising, location planning, talent and composition makes for a very interesting read and David believes being a good photographer is about creative vision, not just technical know how. Hence the focus of this book.


New or old to creative or art photography and / or nude figure work, this is the perfect book to get you started and gives some great examples and hints of what to watch out for. 


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