The Price of Nude Art Photography

What is a Fine Art Photograph really worth?


What is a Fine Art Photograph really worth?

How do you set a price for a fine art photo?

Is there any money in nude photography?

How do you put a monetary value on a nude photograph or a piece of Art? Most days you can see some amazing prints and photographs getting listed on places like ebay or the like for $1 and other pieces that I wouldn't hang in the toilet wall for $10,000! How does that make any sense at all? How can it even be fair? Many times it just comes down to clever Art Galleries, their marketing team and more importantly, their access to cashed up buyers with little clue about what's on that canvas. This article is focussed on Art Nude Photography not paintings or other types or art work. ALSO SEE CREATIVE ZONE







So what is a fine art or Artistic Nude photograph worth?

The simple answer is "what's it worth to you?"


Buyers often ask us, “what is an image worth now, or in a few years time?” 


Realistically, it’s a question I would caution no educated modern Art buyer would answer, but most likely for the majority, most prints will be worthless in such an over crowded and talented market. Often the most valuable prints are visually awful and technically poor! In this Era, a photographer or artist really needs to stand out to become noticed and this is more likely via something historical than just pure talent.


In my mind, it’s simple!

If you love a piece of Art or an Artistic Photograph, then you should own it, if you can afford it!


Just like an old car, antique, furniture or anything really, if it speaks to you… take it home!

The price you pay is subjective and normally open for negotiation between you and the artist. 

At the end of the day, creative artists photograph or paint for other people to see and enjoy, not to keep.


Some (wealthy) people buy Art purely as a trading commodity, which is perhaps a little sad, as in my mind it's supposed to be an emotional purchase, as it was originally created. The creative person that photographed or painted it, probably didn't make it for the money. They did it for love, passion and vision or desire toward a final outcome. And often the “art traders” buying and selling works of art are a very sheltered and elite group of people that don’t really speak for the general population.


It’s rarely how “good” a photograph is when it comes to valuation, it can be absolutely brilliant technically and completely worthless! Look at Vintage Nudes at the moment ... absolute rubbish, home made nude amateur vintage photographs as fresh as the 1970’s, are selling for many $$ at auction, whilst right alongside in the catalogue, is a stunning, Fine Art Print that is pure art, without so much as a $1 bid!

Why? Because it's not really about the photograph, it's about the 1970's antique relic. More like collecting a stamp, lamp or train. So this is a completely different valuation performance benchmark, not based on new photographic exhibition work.






There are many factors that will govern a nude photographs value.

(& These are not in any order)



How good is a nude photograph technically?

Usually, this plays little part in the value of print! It may win award after award, but it doesn't make it worth anymore.

We have several prints in our collections that have won international acclaim and yet they are our worst sellers!


Photographer (or Nude Model) Popularity

In many instances, once people start buying a persons photographs, they get to know and like a photographers style. It's like music, if you like the sound of a certain music group, it stands to reason you will like their style and follow them, but the difference is, you can only hang so many prints on a wall! So which ones will it be?


Does the Photograph, Model or Photographer have a story of note?

What is the history of the subject, shot, photographer or nude model?

If the photographer has done something a bit crazy (good or bad), this can affect values, even if the photos are rubbish. Was the subject or model the centre of a public nudity or another public outcry or scandal? (Watch the photo sell then!)  I see a number of naked prints selling at auction that are absolutely dreadful, but they were shot by someone with a famous past or association. It's sad but true!


Release Prints

Similar to a house in a suburb, the highest price paid can affect a series.

As an example, we had 5 clients last year that bought proof photos under $20 and then the actual rights to the image were sold for $4000 to collectors, but there are 7 full proof prints still in private collections! Not a bad investment you would hope!  And certainly adds credibility to the photographs.


Nude Vintage Photographs & Prints

I guess it depends on how you look at this!? If you buy a new fine art nude print today, in 30 years it’s a classic nude vintage print! The moment they get printed, they are all vintage prints, just at the beginning of their journey!

Even if technology, cameras or processing techniques don't change (which they will), the subject matter will change.


One thing a photo guarantees, is to immortalise a moment in time forever!

Fashions, hair styles, cultures, tattoos, places, looks and style will all look very different in 30 years!


Where will it hang?

See Photography Values at



How much do you like the photograph?

It may be worth $1000 to one person and $0 to the next. 

That goes with anything in life, but particularly true in the Arts

If you like it! Own it … & enjoy it for many years to come.


About David

David Hancock has won many, many national awards for creative works and has also filmed some quite famous people along the way, including the likes of Sammy Davis Junior, Sir Robert Helpmann, Elle McPherson, Jimmy Barnes and the list goes on. But in his travels, he quickly discovered that behind the clothing, money, persona and body guards, people are just people. Naked people with clothes on ....! no matter how famous ….


He loves to capture the raw human form and naked emotions in all it’s glory! 


We firmly believe David Hancock is someone to watch over the next few years as he has only recently begun releasing his work to the world and the take up rate has been extraordinary. We have already seen many print prices with significant growth and major commissions on offer. 


If you have a bought a proof print, you will be notified upon release of the series.


If you do buy proof (or smaller) prints, they look great in black gallery frames with a white matte, as a cluster on the wall or displayed in any private collections.


Good luck and we hope you enjoy your prints


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